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Ao Haru Ride- are you watching it?! Can we talk about it?! Yesterday’s episode had me silently whisper-screaming (I was at work) at my monitor. If you’ve read the manga then you already knew Kou was getting off that train; even knowing that for me, to watch the scene… hair fluttering about, blushes, eye twinkles, soundtrack…. OMG the excitement. So intense! Totally reminiscent of the episode of FRIENDS (did you guys watch FRIENDS? I’m too old :[) where Rachel is on the plane and Ross is hoping she gets off the plane. I was whisper-screaming “GET OFF THE TRAIN!!” If you follow me on twitter you’ll see all my manic tweets about this… LOL. Did this episode turn you into a puddle of feels too?

I’m excited for the upcoming episodes. I don’t know where they’re planning on cutting the anime off at but if it’s at a point that makes Kou look incredibly bad………………….. NOOOOOOOOO!

And I know they typically don’t do fillers in romance animes ….. but can we stick a Tanaka-sensei one in….. Just saying……………………………

*end rant*


Tatsuya managed to cross the line and weird Miyuki out. What a twist!

"I want to be a penguin keeper, or a treasure hunter! It might be cool to be a diver, too!"

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Izumi you're so adorable! Majorly cute! 

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