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You should just…try falling in love again, the right way. If you’re in love properly from the very beginning then isn’t that in a way your first true love?

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Free! What the hell Haru?!?! - my unorganized ramblings

Can we talk about what happened on #TV_Free #EternalSummer this week? Haru-chan showed a side of himself that probably only Makoto has seen behind closed doors (hehehehe). Rather than doing my usual fan girl scream of delight I found myself silent, eyes glued to my monitor. Kinda like how I am when I watch soap operas or dramas. BUT I WAS WATCHING FREE… whaaaaaaaaat is going on…

Watching the series since last season I’m sure we all get it; Haru does what he wants and not in the bad boy “I’m a rebel” kind of way. He literally just wants to feel free….. cliché, I know. Throw in the future planning forms, university scouts, and Rin’s imposing dreams and now poor Haru’s gone and suffocated himself. When people stop swimming in a race is it appropriate to yell something like “fish out of water”? LOL.

Out of all the serious scenes I have to say I enjoyed the Sousuke x Haru elevator ride the best (Sousuke’s shower scene in pain, gripping his shoulder comes in a VERY close second). Being the side b*tch is not the role anyone wants to play (I’m assuming. If it’s your thing then… LOL) so Sousuke ok, I get why you’re so irritated. Rin x Sousuke probably do match up better than Haru x Rin; they have similar goals and it seems in this series childhood friendships are > than everything. Since Rin and Sousuke are at the same school now then Sousuke’s like GTFO Haru. Got it. However, at the end of the day if you’re a sideline b*tch then what can you do if your guy won’t make you his main? *I’m still talking about FREE!* I really hope in the next episode Makoto swoops in, claims Haru, and clears the air for Sousuke so he can get everything out there with Rin. Just wishful thinking, Makoto raising his voice …… hmmm I don’t think it’s likely.

Wooooooo….. I hope you all understood that big old fangirl jumble.

mikorin vs. kashima: kashima wins (“Don’t make it a competition!”)

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Tokyo Ghoul ….. (^_^)v

Tokyo Ghoul.

What the wha…

I’ve been unexpectedly glued to this series this season. A shock for me since I had nightmares off of the first episode of Attack on Titan (I kept watching, had to sleep with the light on for a while). I didn’t think my little fuwa fuwa – shoujo esque heart could take the *censored* gore of TKG. I’m thankful that the storyline was captivating enough for me to not be afraid of the blood & killing. Instead I’m always so fired up, crying, or feeling whatever the hell the creator wanted me to feel…. *dammit! Quit controlling my feelings!*


Humans? Ghouls? Kaneki- hybrids? Whose side are you on? Is anyone cheering for romance? Please don’t ship touka and kaneki… that guy, he’s not ready…. Just my opinion. He CANNOT handle ALL OF THAT! Didn’t read the manga, don’t tell me if they get it on!!! I want to see it myself….. (what?)


Ao Haru Ride- are you watching it?! Can we talk about it?! Yesterday’s episode had me silently whisper-screaming (I was at work) at my monitor. If you’ve read the manga then you already knew Kou was getting off that train; even knowing that for me, to watch the scene… hair fluttering about, blushes, eye twinkles, soundtrack…. OMG the excitement. So intense! Totally reminiscent of the episode of FRIENDS (did you guys watch FRIENDS? I’m too old :[) where Rachel is on the plane and Ross is hoping she gets off the plane. I was whisper-screaming “GET OFF THE TRAIN!!” If you follow me on twitter you’ll see all my manic tweets about this… LOL. Did this episode turn you into a puddle of feels too?

I’m excited for the upcoming episodes. I don’t know where they’re planning on cutting the anime off at but if it’s at a point that makes Kou look incredibly bad………………….. NOOOOOOOOO!

And I know they typically don’t do fillers in romance animes ….. but can we stick a Tanaka-sensei one in….. Just saying……………………………

*end rant*